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Exercise Therapy / Personal Training

Exercise Therapy / Personal Training

Personal training

Whether you wish to exercise for health, weight maintenance or sport specific reasons we offer one to one coaching at our studio, in house or on Zoom.


Breathwork Therapy

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Breathwork Therapy is a simple self-healing modality which enables you to explore the power in your breath.

Classes & Events

Classes & Events

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  • Exercise for health classes

  • Breathwork and Gong Bath sessions

  • Events

Starting March 2024

Conscious movement class with Simona

(Exercise and Breathwork therapist)

A well-structured class super easy to follow with effective physical exercise routines suitable for all ages to increase mobility and flexibility in the body.

This class comprises of conscious movement and breathwork.

Why conscious? When fully aware, present, and engaged you will increase performance and in return benefit from having longer lasting results.

We start the class with a gentle whole-body warm-up, followed by a combination of specific physical exercises (Yoga, Pilates, Tai-Chi) targeting areas in the body that need our attention and care. In order to bring our beings into total relaxation and peace, the final 10 min of the class are dedicated to breathwork and meditation, occasionally incorporating sound therapy.

It’s a fact that most injuries happen when doing simple movements during house chores, gardening, etc. I will be teaching you the correct way to sit, stand up and bend, how to reach or squat properly (helping to avoid falling), how to work on your posture and walk with ease, how to use your breath to relax and be more focused.

Therefore, each class is providing valuable information and practice to enhance the quality of your life.

£15 per person pay as you go
£120 for 10 x classes

To book with Simona:
Please call or text Simona on 07554433462
or e-mail

Starting March 2024

Breathe well to be well with Simona

(Exercise and Breathwork therapist)

A gentle class introducing you to the power of your breath helping you restore your emotional balance.

This class comprises of conscious connected breathwork exercises, mediation, and sound therapy using calming music tracks and crystal singing bowls to promote healing.

Breathwork is a powerful experience that helps you expand your consciousness bringing you to new levels of awareness and taking you on a beautiful and deep soul-searching journey to the core of your being. Breathwork empowers you, teaches and encourages you to strengthen your own relationship as well as your relationship with others.

Immerse in the power of breath and sound, allow yourself to go far beyond the mental planes, give permission to clear past or present experiences that no longer serve you, and release past traumas located in the cellular memory.

This self-healing modality is a transformational process that goes beyond physical form accessing the subconscious realm.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed!

Benefits to name a few: increases the oxygen supply to the brain and entire system, releases tension, improves immune system, thereby fighting everyday disease, regulates the nervous system and restores nerve function, eases digestion and stimulates internal organs to perform better, decreases the symptoms of depression/anxiety/panic attacks/phobias, resolves stress, etc.

Please bring a yoga mat, a small pillow, a blanket, and a bottle of water.

£20 per person pay as you go
£170 for 10 x classes

To book with Simona:
Please call or text Simona on 07554433462
or e-mail

Go to our ‘Contact us’ page.

Our Price List

(For payments and reservations: click here.)

Personal training (60minutes)

Consultation 30 minute session
(face-to-face / Zoom)
Block of 10 PT sessions (studio) £600
Block of 10 PT sessions
(client-based within 5 miles)

Fitness Programme

Gym / at home £45

Breathwork (90 minutes)

Breathwork (can last up to 3h depending on the individual's circumstances):

1 session £180
1 session (client-based) £195
1 session (London) £250
2 or group private session price on request

After completing five sessions, a 60-minute private session costs £100.

Guided Meditation Voice Clip

Personal meditation that is tailored to your needs.

15 minutes £90
30 minutes £150


Consultation (30 minutes) Free of charge
1 session (90 minutes) £95
Meal Plan £250

Breathwork and Gong Bath Therapy - Retreat Hire

(up to)
(3H 30M)
10 people £600 £1,000 £1,800
20 people £900 £1,600 £3,000
30 people £1,400 £2,500 £4,500
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If given 24+ hours’ notice, the session can be rescheduled within the week.