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All about us…

We bring to you a joint wealth of health and fitness experience that has expanded over the course of 40 years, an experience that encompasses hard work, dedication and passion. Our combination of breathwork along with a vast repertoire of strength and cardiovascular exercise routines and therapies have helped us to fulfil the needs of our past and present-day clients.

Although now based and offering our services around Malvern, we still have a long term list of clients from London whom we continue to work with through Zoom, email and sometime face to face.





Our experience allows for us to cover a wider range of client requirements regardless of age. We have the capabilities and tools to raise your physical, mental and emotional balance. Our approach can be either physical or therapeutic or both according to your choice.

Physical Exercise and Fad Diets

From the past, we have learned that physical exercise and fad diets are not 100% guaranteed to work. This can be due to the emotional stress that is being translated into the body as tension. To most efficient way to release that tension is through breathwork, a liberating process during which one enters deep relaxation and is given the permission to resolve internal conflicts or issues, in pursuit of achieving emotional balance.

Tension in the body can be recognised through bad posture, lack of oxygen, injuries that come and go, slow recovery, as well as most bodily or psychological illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, heart conditions, vertigo, obesity, IBS, sciatica, depression, ADHD, phobias, food intolerance, etc

Our sessions are made to give you more vigour and joy for life by leaving you feeling strong, energised, and inspired.

Please feel free to check out our genuine testimonials page. If you should require to validate any of them, please don’t hesitate to contact us.