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I was lucky to have started weight training in the early 80’s under the watchful eye of well respected coaches including one of the greatest Worlds strongest men, Jon Pall Sigmarrson .

Jon Pall was a regular at the Sports centre where I worked as he trained there throughout the Summer months and competed in Scotland at the Highland games circuit.

He was always on hand to help others that worked out along beside him and I certainly learned a lot from the advice he gave me.

Apart from Bodybuilders, Powerlifters and Olympic lifters not many people weight trained back then and it took sometime before other sports performers adopted this type of exercising in order for them to improve on performance , help prevent and recover from injuries.

It took even longer for regular people to realise the many benefits to be gained from exercising with weights or resistance machines and now at long last I see that even the NHS recommend two strength workouts per week along with the usual aerobic activities.

Not before time but i’m sure once you get started you’ll agree it was certainly worth the Wait/Weight. checkout exercise guidelines on NHS website

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