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Ian Armstrong

My professional experience in the health and fitness industry spans across 40 years.

Please have a look at the following services I have been offering for over the past 30 years, these are areas of which I have seen great success in the vast majority of my clients.

  • Weight loss/Fat loss – not only will I assist you in losing fat, but also help you to have a better understanding on how to avoid gaining excess body fat in the future.
  • Weight management – applying and sharing various methods on how to maintain a healthy weight.     
  • Prehab – improving fitness, health and body weight prior to surgery. A fitter version of you with more oxygen and nutrients flowing around your body will undoubtably aid in a faster recovery.
  • Rehab – helping you to regain your fitness and health after surgery, strokes, illnesses or injuries. Injured muscles can be worked indirectly when using other parts of your body and if one limb is out of action, let’s not forget we have another three. So, no excuses!
  • Exercise for sport – sports conditioning and S.A.Q’ S (Speed, Agility, and quickness.)
  • Strength training: As well as giving you protection from injury or falls a stronger body is a far more efficient one. Stronger muscles will also crossover to making your skills stronger and even help to control your heart rate too
  • Exercise and specific diet program: menopause, osteoporosis, depression
  • Exercise and specific diet program for improving cognitive function
  • Exercise and diet for the over 60’s 70’s and 80’s
  • Essential exercise for men: Helping you improve posture, strength, body composition, blood pressure, and testosterone levels
  • Essential exercise for women – learn how to properly control stress, hormones, body fat, etc.
  • Exercise and diet for blood pressure control and managing diabetes
  • Fall prevention training (for all ages according to their needs)
  • Head and neck protection (for all ages according to their needs)