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It’s essential to incorporate carbohydrates into our diets as not only do they contribute to hydration, 

hence the word carbo/hydrate and, aid in physical tasks, but they are also responsible for controlling your thought process, in return helping  with our mental and physical awareness. 

 Eliminating this important food source from our diets longterm in order to control weight is somewhat ridiculous, apart from causing dehydration it can also compromise some very important psychological and physiological benefits that we need for functioning efficiently. 

However making bad choices of carbohydrates may well have similar detrimental effects and also place an even bigger compromise to your overall health and well being. 

Over the years I have noticed that my clients who had adopted the combination of exercising regular and choosing the correct forms and quantities of carbohydrates not only found it far easier to stay hydrated, but also to lose and maintain weight while improving on their thinking and physical capabilities, but more importantly on top of this, their overall health has been exceptional. 

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