Studio 109 Malvern

Breathing and Sound Therapy with Simona & Anthony 

For stress management and emotional balance 

Date:          Monday 02.05.2022

Location:    Elmslie House, Malvern 

Time:          19:30 

Duration:    1h and 30 min

Price:          £25 per session

What you need to bring: 

  • yoga mat 
  • pillow
  • blanket
  • bottle of water

The venue has underfloor heating but I suggest bringing a warm blanket as some people do get cold when activating their breath and releasing tension in their bodies. It is very important that you keep warm and feel comfortable so you can relax.

This is a gentle class (everyone is welcome!) introducing you to the power of your breath. I will be guiding you on how to make use of your breath and how to totally relax and reconnect with your Self. Once this connection is established, you will be able to restore the trust within yourself and move forward in life with ease. 

Breath is power. How we breathe determines how we feel. Knowing and working with your breath is key in managing stress. If you would know that your car is full-on petrol all the time, you will be feeling free to travel anywhere you wish. It works the same with the breath. Oxygen is your fuel and when you have enough, your body and mind can cope with any demands. As a result, peace of mind is being created. Well, emotional balance comes from peace of mind. 

This class is all about your breath, experiencing, and exploring your full potential, leaving you feeling energised and ready to face the world.

Anthony Blackwell is a remarkable Sound Healer who will create an amazing sound that will invade your entire body, making your experience quite surreal. 

We are both delighted to welcome you to our class Emoji

Please, note, as places are limited once you’ve booked your place you can’t cancel it but, of course, you can offer your place to a friend or someone you know may benefit from this experience.  

To book this class, please reply to this e-mail or text 07554433462

Warm hugs,

Simona xx

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